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We Do Disability Applications,
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We Do Disability Applications,
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If there is any possible way to win your case, Myler Disability will find it!

  • How Disability Benefits Work?

If you are frustrated because you can't work, you may qualify for Disability Benefits through Social Security. Learn more about the 2 types of benefits SSI and SSDI.

  • What do they Pay?

Learn more about what SSI and SSDI benefits pay. The amounts vary according to the type of benefits, when the disability began, & when the application was filed, here are the basics.

  • Eligibility Checker

8 Million Americans Qualify For Social Security Disability Benefits. Use this handy tool to check your eligibility

  • Approval Rates

See the national average approval rate and the best and the worst states approval rates for applications, hearings, and appeals.

  • Approval Wait Times

The Disability application process is a lengthy one and consists of three main levels: Initial, Reconsideration*, and Hearing. We will show you the average wait times.

  • Why Advocates Help!

At Myler Disability, we have extensive experience as Disability advocates. But what, you might ask, does that actually mean? How can an advocacy help you to win?

“I want to thank you guys so much for helping me. I have also given your name to a few people I know who are also trying to get disability, hope you don’t mind, you guys were wonderful. Again, many thanks.”

Rose F | WI

  • Myler Disability Blog

Follow our blog and stay up to date on the changing dynamics of Disability applications and regulations.

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If your Social Security Disability claim has been denied, you have come to the right place. If there is any possible way to win your case, we’ll work hard to find it. Just call (800) 652-9626 and we will respond within 24-48 hours

  • Social Security Disability Applications and Appeals

“I don’t know why I am being denied Social Security Disability benefits. I can’t do the work I used to do. No one will hire me because I can’t do the work. Why is it that my disability claim being denied?” At Myler Disability, we talk to people every day who are disabled and unable to earn a living. They tell us, “I don’t know why I am being denied Social Security Disability benefits. I can’t do the work I used to do. No one will hire me because I can’t do the work. Why is my disability claim being denied?”

You may be disabled, but you still have bills to pay and you need health insurance. Social Security almost always turns down the first application for disability benefits. Don’t give up. If there is any possible way to win your case, the Social Security Disability advocates associated with Myler Disability will find it. Whatever your disability, wherever you live, we can help.

  • Over-50 Disability Claims: If you are disabled and over 50 years of age, your disability keeps you from doing the work you have always done, and no one will hire you for jobs in which you have no experience or skills.
  • Mental Disorders Disability Claims: When a mental disorder – depression, anxiety, bipolar, or brain injury – disables you, work can be difficult, if not impossible.
  • Spinal Problems Disability Claims: A back injury can put an end to a productive career. If your back injury keeps you from being able to work, you need the Social Security Disability Insurance you earned through years of work.

diversity-2 Myler Disability, headquartered in Utah, has a nationwide network of Social Security Disability advocates. All of our associated advocates have extensive experience pursuing Social Security Disability Insurance (SSD or SSDI) claims, and SSI claims , all of our advocates belong to the National Organization of Social Security Claimants Representatives (NOSSCR), and all of them are dedicated to obtaining disability insurance and SSI benefits for genuinely disabled people who need a monthly income and health insurance. Wherever in the U.S. you live, Myler Disability assures you of local, personal service in pursuing your Social Security Disability claim. Free consultation. Call (800) 652-9626 or send us an e-mail. We will respond within 24-48 hours.

Serving Clients Nationwide
From our offices in Utah, Myler Disability serves clients throughout the United States, including Utah, Idaho, California, Washington, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, New York, Florida, Oregon, New Mexico, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Minnesota, Kansas, Oklahoma, Georgia, Nevada, Nebraska, Hawaii, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Tennessee, Maryland, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, West Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Iowa, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington DC.

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  • What our clients say!

    “I wasn’t sure this time would ever come. After three years, I’ve finally won. Without this office, I’m afraid the outcome would have been different. Thank you so much for helping me.” Sandra R | SC


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    *We charge nothing up front. Our fees are contingent upon your winning, and we collect 25% of only your back benefits. Our fees must be approved by the Social Security Administration. Disclaimer
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