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How to Correct a Mistake on a Social Security Disability Application

correct a mistake on disability application

If a person has a disability that does not allow them to work for at least a year or more, they may be eligible to apply for Social Security Disability benefits. Applying for these benefits is easy with the online application process, and anyone can begin their claim without having to set up an appointment with the Social Security office. This will save time and money because they can apply from…

What Percent of the Federal Budget Goes to SSI or Disability?

social security disability budget

As a citizen and taxpayer of the United States, people may want to know where their tax dollars are going and how the federal government is spending them. One program, that most people are probably very familiar with, is Social Security. Social Security was created in order to help those who have retired, become disabled, and who are dependents of a deceased income provider. As money is put into…

Will I lose My Disability Benefits if I move to a different state?

by Brad Myler

If you are currently receiving Social Security disability benefits, and are considering moving to a different state, you might have concerns or questions about your continued eligibility. You should know that moving to a new state could affect the benefits you receive, or even your eligibility. Determining whether you can expect a change in benefit amount or eligibility w…

Questions Doctors Will Ask Disability Applicants

by Brad Myler

When you are filing your disability or SSI application for Social Security benefits you will probably be asked a lot of questions and have to provide a lot of documentation. There are five basic questions that the doctors reviewing your claim will be asking you and themselves which range from your work history to your medical history and you can find a list of required and…

What happens if I get overpaid in Social Security Disability?

by Brad Myler

If you currently receive Social Security Disability payments, it is important that you make sure to report any changes to your household since your original disability or SSI application that could affect your eligibility. Failure to report these changes to the Social Security Agency can result in overpayment. For instance, if a dependent moves out of the house or begins to…

What Makes Social Security Disability So Difficult to Get?

SSI application denial

by Brad Myler

Whether you are currently receiving benefits, have received benefits in the past, or are just beginning your research on eligibility, you are probably already aware that it can take some time for applications for Social Security disability benefits to be processed and approved. In addition to a waiting period, which can last several months, many applications are ultimately…

Social Security Disability Benefits Increase 2014

Social Security Benefits Increase

by Brad Myler

The Social Security Administration launched a press release on October 30th that stated that benefits would increase by 1.5% for the year 2014. This will affect nearly 63 million Americans who are receiving SSDI or SSI application benefits. These beneficiaries will receive approximately $19 extra dollars a month.

Keep in mind that due to this change the maximum amount of…

Trick or Treating Safety Tips!

Halloween Pass Along

by Brad Myler

Myler Disability wants to wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween 2013! Now that you have officially been Ghosted, pass this along to your friends to Ghost them and protect them from bigger Ghouls! We mean it when we say we want everyone to be safe!

Here are some Safety Tips for Trick or Treaters & parents this Halloween!
Parents & Trick or Treaters

All children…

What’s next after your first SSI & SSDI application is denied?

SSI application denial

by Brad Myler

The next step after receiving an SSI & SSDI application denial is to put in an appeal. Do not make the error of reapplying, as winning an appeal is not that uncommon. While appealing is as simple as filling in an online form, using an attorney greatly increases the chances of success, as they are better able to gather and present evidence in support of the claim.

Medical or…

Disability Rights in California 2013

California social security

by Brad Myler

Due to local demographic and cultural factors, California hosts a remarkably large population of social activists. These activists work tirelessly to benefit members of minorities and other disadvantaged groups. California often leads the nation in protecting the rights of the disabled. For example, California was the first U.S state to feature widespread accessibility ramps for…

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