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Social Security Disability Application Forms

In 2007, the Social Security administration implemented major changes to shorten and streamline the disability income application process. Deemed necessary to meet the needs of disabled workers, these improvements received accolades from many diverse commentators. Initially tested in the New England region in 2006, these positive changes saw national implementation in December 2007. In the subsequent years, the SSA has unveiled other minor initiatives to simplify the Social Security disability application form. In May 2013, the SSA unveiled, a new informational website optimized for mobile Internet users. This is yet another example of how the SSA has committed to simplifying the disability application process.

Despite these positive developments, social security disability forms remain fairly complicated for many applicants. Nevertheless, people with real disabilities should remain focused and committed as they seek economic aid. Case workers and other experienced advocates can help disabled individuals prepare Social Security disability forms. Better yet, these assistants often offer their services at little or no cost. When filing for disability, applicants must answer many questions concerning diverse personal matters. First and foremost, applicants have to provide their names, genders and assigned Social Security numbers. The SSA will want to know about any previously used names or Social Security numbers. Applicants will also have to answer questions about outstanding criminal warrants. Applicants will need to positively verify their identities with documentary evidence. The government may require identifying documents like birth certificates, tax forms or pay stubs. The SSDI form asks applicants for many other details regarding their disabilities and general health situations.

When filing for disability, some people feel surprised by how much in-depth information is requested. The SSA asks applicants for data on current spouses, former spouses and minor children. When non-citizen residents file, the SSA will want to know about any and all retirement or pension programs the applicants have utilized in their home countries. The application form also asks about workers compensation claims and related financial matters. Improperly filled forms can lengthen the disability application process, which can potentially cause needless financial hardship. Though the social security disability application form is long and complex, most applicants can fill out their forms properly if they are deliberate and careful. Thoughtful applicants secure the advice and help of others with experience in Social Security matters. Critically, applicants should review their finished forms multiple times before sending them in. Though complete honesty is important when filling these forms, applicants can consult with attorneys to learn how to frame sensitive answers.

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