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Social Security Disability Appeals ALJ Hearings

When Social Security Disability benefits are denied, it can be a terrible blow. You are disabled. You simply cannot work. But the bills don’t stop and the need for health insurance does not end. If you have dependents, the situation can be especially hard. If you have been denied the benefits you need and deserve, you need a Social Security benefits advocate who has the experience and determination to appeal your case at an ALJ disability hearing – the Social Security benefits advocates at Myler Disability.

First, your initial application was denied, and then you faced a second denial from the claim reconsideration. What’s next? If you choose to appeal further, an administrative law judge (ALJ) from the Office of Hearings and Appeals will hear about your situation at an ALJ disability hearing.

At the ALJ hearing, we recommend that you have an advocate. Without an advocate at the administrative hearing, far fewer claimants win their cases and get the benefits they need. With an advocate from Myler Disability, your chances of winning increase significantly.

After your second denial at the reconsideration stage, it usually takes at least 13 months before you can have an ALJ hearing. That’s a long time to wait for benefits you need. In some cases, we can plead a dire need and have the ALJ hearing moved up to an earlier date.

ALJ Disability Hearing • New Opportunity to Prove Your Case

Social Security Disability Appeals Council The administrative law judge will take an entirely new look at your case. If you are our client, we will thoroughly prepare you for the hearing, making sure you know what to expect. Your Social Security benefits advocate will prepare for the hearing by talking to your doctors, and going over your treatment notes, your medical records, and the reasons your denial should be overturned.

Do not worry about facing the ALJ hearing alone. We will be there with you, explaining your need for Social Security Disability benefits.

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