Trick or Treating Safety Tips!

by Earl Dixon on December 7, 2016

by Brad Myler

Myler Disability wants to wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween 2013! Now that you have officially been Ghosted, pass this along to your friends to Ghost them and protect them from bigger Ghouls! We mean it when we say we want everyone to be safe!

Here are some Safety Tips for Trick or Treaters & parents this Halloween!

Parents & Trick or Treaters

  • All children should be accompanied by a responsible adult
  • Costumes should hinder the vision of the child
  • Avoid homemade treats from strangers
  • Parents, inspect your childrens candy
  • Only Trick or Treat well lit homes & communities
  • Adults and children should carry flashlights

Guidelines for those who pass out treats

  • Homemade treats will often be thrown out unless the parents know the provider
  • Ensure that your home is well lit

Halloween Pass Along

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